Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Camping & Hiking

Camping & Hiking

Camping & Hiking

There is nothing better than putting on your outdoor Clothing, a carefully packed rucksack, a good quality pair of walking boots, waterproofs and not forgetting a flask of hot coffee for those special moments up on the hills, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Campsites For Tents

Whether you are just out for the day, or heading for a favourite campsite for tents only, there is nothing better than taking the opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh air and to get that heart beating with a steep climb up a beaten track to the top of the nearest hill or mountain.

Hiking and Tramping

Hiking and tramping in possibly undiscovered countryside is the only way to feel truly free. A bit of wild camping offers pleasures that other trippers in their caravans and family tents heading for an overcrowded campsite on a bank holiday, can not begin to imagine!

Wild Camping In The UK

Wild camping in the UK, which is perfectly legal in Scotland, offers a sense of freedom, peace and quiet, you just can't experience any other way. Yes, there are a few personal sacrifices to be made, such as no hot shower, no toilet facilities, but you can't have it all. If home comforts are your thing, then hiking & camping, especially wild camping in the wilds of Scotland, are definitely not for you!  

Campsites Near Me?

Well, the best hiking/camping place near me, is the Peak District. A beautiful place at any time of year and technically, wild camping is not allowed. But there are many fabulous camp-sites scattered around the many peaks for you to enjoy most of the home comforts and some nice pubs too and they don't mind a few muddy boots and soggy clothes... but please, try to leave as much mud as you can outside the pub, not around the bar area!

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