Saturday, 3 November 2018

Backlinks Generator

Backlinks Generator

Creating "Back links" for SEO purposes is getting harder. So many Webmasters are using spam techniques to generate thousands of backlinks to a blog or website, using methods that basically no longer work

Generating backlinks by creating thousands of webpages with bots, is not as effective as it used to be. The Google search engine, the most powerful and most popular search engine on the internet, has developed algorithms which can detect spam sites.

It used to be true, that creating hundreds of webpages, or blogs, pointing to a money site, could and would boost your page rankings in Google search. Often giving you a top ten search position for some very lucrative search terms. These spam sites were called "PBN's" or "Personal Blog Networks".

Many Webmasters and internet Guru's still use personal blog networks very effectively, but often, the life of a PBN is short lived. However, webmasters don't mind that, because by the time a particular PBN has been discovered and banned by Google, the webmasters have already achieved their goals... that being a top ten search term in google rankings and therefore having made a lot of money in the process.

It is still true that having top quality backlinks to your blog or website will boost your rankings on Google. However, everyone is chasing the same top quality backlinks, which means that such backlinks are much harder to find, because any website with a good PR rating (page rank) that people seek a back link from, can be seriously weakened by inking back to any old website or blog.

OF Couse, this all depends on your chosen niche! A good niche with not too much competition from other webmasters, marketers and Guru's, will find it much easier to find good quality backlinks and will also require fewer top quality back-links to reach a number one position in Google.

Also, many newbies to internet marketing fall into a trap. They will struggle to reach top rankings in the Google search engines, often spending lots of money trying to compete with other internet marketers and Guru's, which is just suicide! A newbie with very little knowledge of internet marketing, search-engine optimisation or creating good quality Blog content, can not hope to compete with already established webmasters in already saturated niche's.

So what is the trap?

The trap is... GOOGLE...

Google may well be the biggest and best search engine around for making searches, but it is not the only search-engine around for making money. There are other search engines, local search engines, foreign search engines and all kinds of small directories that get thousands... millions... of search enquiries from "REAL PEOPLE" looking for whatever it is that you are trying to promote!

So, until you are able to financially compete with the BIG BOYS stop being obsessed with Google and seek out the smaller "Niche" search engines. You will be surprised by the results!

One more thing about backlinking. For your backlinks to be really effective, the search engines must know they exist, so you need to make sure that any old backlinks and any new back links are submitted to and registered by the various search-engines, including Google.

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