Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening. Your Not Crazy! Your Just Waking Up!

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening. Your Not Crazy! Your Just Waking Up!

Spiritual awakening and enlightenment seems to be part of many religious practices. Spiritual awakening is a religious experience where the person who is enlightened has contact with the divine and supernatural.

Spiritual awakening has been a central part of assorted traditions and practices throughout the ages, encompassing different religions from many parts of the world.

Enlightenment is subjective since it fits in with the individual’s perception and understanding of divinity and religion.

It is also something that people who do not share the same beliefs could find threatening to their own beliefs or culture and perhaps frightening. Different faiths have their own traditionl ways of understanding the divine, supreme being (God). Awakening experiences seem to have commonalities, as well as their differences.

Spiritual awakening and enlightenment are often experimented with in the world of personal development, where getting in touch with yourself, or your higher being, are used as ways of coping with the stress and strain of modern life.

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