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SEO Backlinks, Backlinks Generator, Web 2.0 Backlinks.

SEO Backlinks, Backlinks Generator, Web 2.0 Backlinks.

Reciprocal Links

So-called "reciprocal" links have a bad rap in so far as page rank is concerned. A reciprocal link is one in which sites trade links, often specifically as a means of improving page rank. Apparently, Google discounts so-called reciprocal links. This means that a page using reciprocal links would not benefit page rank.

The current Search Engine Optimisation wisdom is that Google favours so-called one-way links. As the name suggests these are links which point from one site to another site without any kind of reciprocal link.

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There are other considerations about reciprocal links and back linking in general and those are, that any backlink or reciprocal link you make must obviously be visible to the search engines!

Therefore it is important to make a full list of all the backlinks and reciprocal links you create, in order for you to submit those links to the various search-engines.

One very useful tool for indexing backlinks quickly can be viewed here:

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