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Fresh mlm network marketing business leads

Fresh mlm network marketing business leads

One of the biggest frustrations distributors in a network marketing business opportunity face is not having a steady stream of fresh mlm leads to talk to. In addition, most reps know that using a pushy and aggressive salesman approach just doesn't work. They desire for some sort of lead generation system, tool, etc. that results in fresh mlm leads in order to give presentations about their product or work from home business.

Here is one simple way this can be done. When this technique is done correctly, this can result in many optimized mlm business leads.

Step #1: Go to Google's free keyword tool.

Step #2: Type in a search phrase related to network marketing or business opportunity such as fresh mlm leads, generate leads, business opportunity from home, business opportunity seeker, etc.

Step #3: Under "choose columns to display", select "show estimated average cpc" and hide "local search volume".

Step #4: In the "match type" menu, pick "exact".

Step #5: Click on the "global monthly search volume" and put the volumes in descending order.

Step #6: Look at the listings ranging from 320 to 4400 search columns. For example, if you had started your search with the phrase "optimized mlm leads", examples of the keywords you would have found are business opportunity leads, mlm forum, mlm opportunity, new mlm companies, work at home, mlm lead generation, etc. The list you will come up with will be quite long with about 151 keywords ranging from 320 to 4400 which are searched in a month's time.

Step #7: So now, if you want a daily stream of traffic to your blog, video, article, etc., look at the bottom of the list and choose that keyword for the headline. For example, you might have something like this:

"Work from Home Business(keyword)-How to Earn An Extra Paycheck Per Week (attract interest)

Step #8: After this, with whatever marketing method you are using, make sure the content includes about 25-30 words from a mlm theme word list. A mlm theme word list is simply words related to MLM which are recognized by Google. Examples include aggressive, action, bonus, cold market, compensation plan, nutrition, scams, job, etc. Creating a theme word list for your topic is really another training in itself. While it is not covered in this article, suffice to say this is an important step to never miss.

Step #9: Once you have the content created and ready to use for a blog, article, Squidoo lens, etc. for the chosen keyword, go to the next to the last keyword phrase on your list and create content centered around it as well as a new headline. Keep doing this until you go through all the keywords on your list.

If you continue to do everything outlined in this article, including creating good content which includes mlm theme words, you will get ranked high in Google and have a steady flow of traffic and prospects to talk to.

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