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The Forge Of Excellence - Markethive

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Rose Coloured Glasses of Human Resource Managers

Rose Coloured Glasses of Human Resource Managers

Rose colored glasses = Seeing the world as only pleasant and happy.

Most, if not all Human Resource Managers, suffer from a condition I call "Theory induced blindness".

They work on the theory which suggests that if an employee, or employees, do not make a complaint about working conditions, then their working conditions must be perfect.

However, a little common sense and personal experience can easily expose this working theory as profoundly inaccurate!

I have access to a company and its' employees where this theory is creating misery on a grand scale, whilst the human resource managers continue completely unaware that any problems exist within their company. 

(Or so they might claim!)

There is a sickness that exists in the UK today and that sickness is called "Insitutional Racism". That is "Racism" against the British people, or employees specifically.

Basically it stems from what seems to be a common and increasing problem, brought on by the ignorant acceptance of "Political Correctness" and "Positive Racism" without the addition of common sense and fair play.

Here is the problem as described to me by the British employees of one company.

Managers and Supervisors at the company in question, seem to be terrified of confronting "Foreign workers" about not doing their jobs properly, not producing enough, basically being lazy and spending most of the day talking rather than working, because these Managers and Supervisors are scared of being accused of racism by the foreign employees if they discipline them.

But these same Managers and Supervisors have no fear of insulting and bullying British employees into working harder and talking less, to make up for the loss of production from the lazy foreign workers, because they know these British workers can not make any "Racist" claims against them!

If the British worker complains that he or she is being forced to work harder than the foreign worker sitting near them, they are made to feel as if they are being racist by suggesting that "foreign workers" do not work as hard as themselves!

This is the situation in the UK today!

Even Unions will not intervene to stop this maltreatment of British workers! I know this for a fact because I personally suggested the existence of this problem to the "Unite" union, the biggest union in Britain.

The reply was... "You can't say that!"

If you were to ask these British workers... "Are they Racist?"
They will say... "No! We like the foreign people we work with, but that just makes it even harder to try and sort out the problem. How can we complain about this 'Management' problem without upsetting the people we work with, or appearing to be racist?"

So because these British workers are afraid of making complaints against the way they are being treated, for fear of being accused of racism and upsetting the foreign people they like and work with, by claiming they are not expected to work as hard as the British workers, these British workers... possibly in every manufacturing company up and down the British Isles, remain trapped, by bad cowardly management practices.

Human Resource Managers live and work in great ivory towers. These towers are guarded by two great Horsemen called ignorance and fear.

The best place for a Human Resource Manager is on the shop floor... not tucked away in a nice cozy office where they can wear their rose coloured spectacles and pretend all is well with the world!
If Human Resource Managers worked on the shop-floor instead of some great ivory tower, perhaps they might have a more realistic view of how the company works. Perhaps employees might find them more approachable. Perhaps Managers might feel more inclined to do less bullying and more "effective" managing... perhaps... there might be less RACISM!

These British workers can not complain to their Managers, because the Managers are the problem! They cannnot take this problem to the Human Resource Managers, because they will give exactly the same answer as the biggest Union in the UK, which is...

"You can't say that!!!"

So how do you think these Bullied and oppressed British workers will deal with this problem?

Obviously they will speak to each other, at break times, in the pubs, on Facebook and Twitter

They all agree this problem needs dealing with

They feel isolated, abused, abandoned

They lose all respect for the company they work for

They gradually take less and less interest in "social events" organised by the company

They gradually show a lack of interest in and participate less and less in company schemes

They find other ways to make their misery and displeasure known

They start to complain about things which might seem petty and unimportant

They join a Union

They gradually become less productive

And all of this simply because a Manager is incapable of treating "All Employees" with "Equality, Dignity and Respect" regardless of their racial backgrounds, for fear of being accused of Racism?

And a HR department who's only reponse is... "You can't say that!"

Does this problem exist in your company?

Would you know if it did?

Would you have the courage to deal with it fairly, responsibly, equally?

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Vive La France! - Long Live France! - Freedom - Democracy - Unity!

Vive La France!

 Long Live France! - Freedom - Democracy - Unity!

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Markethive members Alpha affiliate program

Free social neural network - Markethive

The Alpha affiliate program, for Markethive members

The Markethive Affiliate program is inspired by a similar program that Paypal used to expand the membership and develop recognition of their brand and their service. Starting out with just 20 people, their affiliate program started out and maintained a 7% growth daily. Which equates to doubling the membership base every 2 weeks. This is why we are building a similar program.

The Be The Alpha affiliate program for Markethive members.

Unlike Paypal, we do not have large venture capital, therefore we have decided to be generous in our affiliate commissions to inspire exponential growth. 

Our affiliate program pays up to 50% to qualified members from all of their front line advertising revenues. Advertising revenues come from banner ads, profile page upgrades, calendar promotions and news feed boosts. Additional revenues can be expected during the life of the company from technology expansions like the current revelation of integrated conference rooms.

We are mixing the affiliate program into an entrepreneur training and development process called the Be The Alpha program


Be The Alpha” Entrepreneur program.

The very being and wanting to become an entrepreneur is a journey that begins in the heart and the soul. What is an entrepreneur and how do we know if we have what is called a calling? Defining exactly what an entrepreneur is, sometimes, it is easier to define what an entrepreneur is not.

What is not an Entrepreneur?


 An Entrepreneur does not spam.  An Entrepreneur does not engage into a business opportunity just to make money or just to make a living. Entrepreneurs are not capitalist in that they do not exploit others or resources just to get rich. They do not lie, cheat and steal to get ahead or to just make a profit.

Time for a PSA (Public Service Announcement)
“Do not get me wrong here.  Capitalism as a political system versus socialism, communism, oligarchies, monarchies, dictatorships, etc. is a superior system. Capitalism as an economic system allows an open system made for free enterprise and it is in such a system Entrepreneurs flourish. However, being the very nature of Entrepreneurs, we can flourish in the darkest of times and it is the Entrepreneurs that push towards the light in all things such as they are.”

The characteristics of an Entrepreneur:


Entrepreneurs are leaders, "not managers". Innovators and visionaries with an endless supply of enthusiasm and connected to a resource of inner knowledge and ideas. Many potential entrepreneurs are inhibited and in bondage to the consistent worldly messages to conform, to get the job, become a cog, get a college education, go into debt and comply to the authoritative message.

Competent entrepreneurs walk in front and show others the way. They take on the hard to do, they lift the heavy obstacles, and like the Marines, are always first in and last out. Tom Sawyer is the proverbial entrepreneur, showing the crowd a master piece in the process of painting the fence faster and better than the crowd who gathered to watch.  It is awe that makes the crowd members pick up a brush and join in and inspired by Tom they stay involved through the entire process and keep recruiting others.

Entrepreneurs never take short cuts. They stand firm on ethics and imbibe a level of integrity others are attracted to and recognize. Entrepreneurs are natural born leaders. They don’t stop for nearly as many breaks or gather around and watch others. Entrepreneurs always hoe to the end of the row, even in heat, rain, storm or even when supper is calling.

Entrepreneurs rarely get fired. But they often get fired up. They will quit any job that asks them to do something they don’t believe in. But they will work at any job if the reason is strong enough or they have given their word.

Entrepreneurs are shepherds with a staff who call out with their voice, not sheep herders that ride horses with lots of smart dogs that nip at your heals.

Entrepreneurs know you need to be both a leader and a manager… in that order. They always start with a leader, and then find a manager.

They know a great leader is the ultimate solution to any problem. They pay ten to a thousand times more money for a great leader than a great manager… in a heartbeat.

Entrepreneurs begin to sing out when the song begins, because they know the other voices will soon blend in and hide the fact they are slightly off key.

Entrepreneurs seek out the one lagging beyond, find what makes them tick, then challenge them to keep up and to keep time.
This is what the “Be The Alpha” program is all about.

So you want success, you want to be entrepreneurial; you want to engage your dreams, be a leader and develop the skills to make this a reality. This is why we have developed this system.

You are attracted to the Markethive and decide to sign up. You are attracted to the movement, a vision bigger than you, a mission to change the world. We all know that the spirit of entrepreneurialism is dying in America. 

For the first time in America, new business starts are dropping despite the fact the population among those in ages between 25-55 historically the prime years for starting business is growing. Even more alarming is the rate of business formation has slowed, the pace of business closures, which had held steady over the previous decade, started to ascend in 2005 and spiked in 2008, according to data compiled by the Brookings Institute. 

Consequently, business deaths now outpace business births for the first time since researchers started collecting the data in the late 1970’s.

Markethive - Tony Cordingley - Social Network Marketing

Where is there a Network just for entrepreneurs?

Where is there a Network just for entrepreneurs?