Sunday, 25 October 2015

How to keep your employees happy and productive!

How to keep your employees happy and productive!

Do not racially abuse them!

Do not bully or intimidate them!

Do not allow managers to use their positions of power to intimidate

Do not continually criticise employees efforts!

Do not with-hold training on grounds of favouritism, race, sex, or sexual

Do not treat your employees like battery hens!

Do not employ managers who have a 1970's attitude to the work place!

Do not be afraid to get rid of inefficient managers!

Do not allow false rumours to circulate! Tackle them... correct them!

Do not try to hide or deny bad news... not all employees are as stupid as you!

Do reward effort, even if it is only with words of thanks!

Do allow social interaction between staff!

Do make your employees feel welcome on Monday mornings!

Do employ managers with proper people skills!

Do properly train managers who have risen through the ranks!

Do make sure supervisory staff and managers have at least a basic education!

Do encourage chat during work... it lightens the mood!

Do employ managers who realise this is the 21st century!

Do keep your employees fully informed about business ventures and plans!

Do remember that some of your employees may be more educated and intelligent than you are!

Do remember, while you are watching your employees... they are watching you!

Do remember that all employees are not blind, deaf, dumb, or stupid!

Do remember that some of your employees have access to thousands, possibly millions, of people through social media... and words can spread fast!

Never... ever... ever... place a jerk into a supervisory role!

They will...

Destroy employee moral

Kill enthusiasm

Reduce productivity / efficiency

Cause mental stress

Create a "them and us" mentality among employees

Make people resistant to new ideas

Prevent people with real potential from coming forward for advancement

Remember... Every jerk you place into a supervisory position is seen by your employees as representing YOU! Do you want to be judged on the reputation of a jerk?

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