Tuesday, 1 September 2015

ISIS destroying Palmyra

 ISIS destroying Palmyra

They say the actions of ISIS destroying Palmyra was cultural vandalism! But is it really any different to the "politically correct" elite who ban things like the Golliwog, or the Confederate flag, or any non-politically correct references in cartoon characters like Tintin and Noddy, or a Dog's name in the film "The Dam Busters"?

Also, have you noticed that to declare yourself "Gay" makes you a hero, but to claim you are "straight" makes you homophobic!?

Heinrich Heine once said "Where they burn books, they will also burn people." It actually happened under the Nazi regime, but OK, we don't physically "burn people" in the west today... no we are much too civilised for that kind of behaviour! But, we do "burn people" in other ways...

Psychological ways... 

Political ways... 

Cultural ways...

If they do not bow to political or (politically correct) social pressures!

We are no different to ISIS. We all wallow in our own sense of self righteous importance!

The actions of ISIS in Palmyra are just an extreme example of political correctness gone mad!

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