Monday, 10 August 2015

This is "it". Social + Shopping all in one place.

This is "it". Social + Shopping all in one place. 

We launched on June 29th 2015 and look forward to growing this baby up! If you are not a member get your free account today by clicking one of the images below and Sign-Up. It is absolutely Free and Always Will BE! :)

Your "Special" invite code is =  1564950

"it" is FREE and always will be...

It is free and always will be!

"it" is shopping...

it is shopping

"it" won't sell your data...

It won't sell your data

"it" is a combination of social networking & shopping...

It is social-networking and shopping

"it" is Hot!!!

"it" is Hot!!! it will never sell your personal information. it offers deals on shopping. it can save you a few bucks and make you a few bucks. it will ALWAYS be FREE. it won't advertise to you. "it" is a social network that lets the users control their content, data and user experience. By special invite only! Boooyaa! haha

Your "Special" invite code is =  1564950

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