Monday, 3 August 2015

The New Facebook

 The New Facebook

You no doubt have heard of "Facebook"?

Well, Facebook is great for advertising, socialising, keeping up with friends and family... etc, etc.

But what it is not good at, is sharing it's revenue with its users!

Yes, it's Free to use, but the cost of that privelidge is constant advertising, tracking and annoying game apps!

What if there was a "Facebook" that did not track you, or bombard you with adverts in your timelines?

What if there was a Facebook where you could be a free member and yet earn residual income from anything your friends (downline) buy from places like Amazon for example?

Cheapest Prices!

What if they search for the cheapest prices... buy something... and YOU rather than something like "Facebook" actually get paid a commission for that sale!?

Does that sound interesting?

Do you think that might become very popular?

Would you like to know more about this NEW Facebook?

Take a look...

To see the "Social Networking - Facebook" side of it, take a look here...

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