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Sexy Singing Guru Jamie Lewis Stole My Heart!!

Sexy Singing Guru Jamie Lewis Stole My Heart!!

 Jamie lewis internet marketer

Hi. I want to tell you about the sexy singingguru who recently stole my heart! His name is Jamie Lewis

He calls himself the "Singing Guru"! Yeah, I know, it's like he is this kind of Superman or Batman, type figure, with an alter ego! But get this, he is bald, but rich! I love rich guys. :-)

Rich guys are sexy, with big cars, big homes, big boats, and oh yeah, big bank accounts! Anyway, if you would like to be sexy, like the singing guru, then you need to get rich and soon. You might also want to shave your head and start wearing a hat. But personally, I don't mind shaving, but not my head. thank you! 


So You Want to be an Internet Marketer like Jamie Lewis?

 Perhaps you've given a lot of thought to becoming an Internet marketer like Jamie Lewis and earning a good living from home. There are many things you like about the idea - you get to work from home in your pyjamas, you can make a digital product and sell it over and over and over, you can work whenever you want to without punching a time clock and if you want to go to the kids' school play in the middle of the day, you can. There is also the pull of potentially making more money than you do right now.

Yes, it is possible to become a successful Internet marketer like Jamie Lewis and make good money, but it's not an overnight short path to riches that some may have you believe. There is a lot of learning that has to happen as well as hard work on your part to find the success and duplicate it again and again.

There are three stages of Internet marketing that you will go through and they'll be explained here so you understand what's ahead for you in your big career change.

Stage 1: Information overload and paralysis by analysis

You start off by making the decision to become an Internet marketer. For some, it's an easy decision and for others it's hard. Either way, you have to decide to go all the way with it - not just dabble. Sticking your toe in and running the other way the minute you notice the water is a little cold will not get you the results you really desire.

You start reading sales pages and buying products to help you learn the market. They all promise great results if you'll only take the time to read and follow their instructions. You're excited because you see the potential. So what happens is you keep buying, keep trying the various business models being promoted, hop from one thing to the next and never give any of them more than 25% of your attention.

You're now on dozens of marketers' lists and you spend a good portion of your day reading their emails and following up on their latest promotions. You're afraid not to read them or you might miss something. There has been so much information coming your way and you're so busy trying to keep up and absorb it all that you don't get anything accomplished.

Stage 2: Take focused action

The first stage lasts until one day you wake up and ask yourself what you're doing and how come you're not doing anything to make some real money yet. Some people jump ship before they reach this point. But you've realized it's time to opt-out of most of the lists you're on, pick a business model that resonates with you, become more focused in your learning (and spend less time on it), and begin taking focused action.

You're fully committed to the one path you've chosen and you drill deep and make some mistakes but have consistent success. This is when it starts getting fun, especially when you see consistent money coming into your PayPal account.

Stage 3: Fine tune and make it hands off

Now that you're having success with the business model you've chosen, you will automate it as much as you can. Your emails go out through an autoresponder, your content is automatically delivered to your clients and subscribers, and you've got all your systems in place. You can easily duplicate what you've done because you've created templates, action sheets, and know all the shortcuts.

You are also building a team to work with you. You have a graphic designer, website maker, and article /blog post/ ebook writers at your disposal. You've built relationships with other Internet marketers and have affiliates.

Next you're starting a coaching program to help the new Internet marketers do what you've done. You remember what it was like to be in stage 1, don't you? 

Learning to be an internet marketer like Jamie Lewis does take work. It also takes time and study. But the rewards for your time and study can be so huge that it would be silly to not at least try! This is the case with any online affiliate marketing program. There really is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick" unless you can afford a top mentor... so the best and only way to cut corners in internet marketing is to follow and study people (Guru's) like Jamie Lewis, the Singing Guru!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Singing with Jamie Lewis. Affiliate Marketing Extraodinaire

The with Jamie Lewis. 

Affiliate Marketing Extraordinaire!

The Singing Guru Jamie Lewis


The Singing Guru

Jamie Lewis

Affiliate Marketing Extraordinaire!


 How Gurus Like Jamie Lewis Make You Buy Their Stuff!

 It is said that "The pen is mightier than the sword". That is so true especially in internet marketing where there is very little face-to-face interaction between the marketer and the prospective customer. Therefore, it is imperative for internet marketers like Jamie Lewis to 'speak' to their prospects through their writing.

Successful internet marketers like Jamie Lewis have learned the art of communicating through powerful, compelling copy that almost hypnotizes their prospects into buying their stuff. How do they do it?

Successful internet marketers like Jamie Lewis employ certain tried and true principles of sales psychology in crafting their copy. Here are some of those principles.

1. Personalization

People respond to friends more than to acquaintances. The exception is with someone so well-known in his field of expertise, like Tony Robbins in self-improvement. People will readily trust in such an expert rather than their close friend but only when it comes to that expert's area of expertise. In every other situation, all things being equal, people trust their own friends more than mere acquaintances.

Thus successful internet marketers like Jamie Lewis know how to befriend you to gain your trust. They do so in their sales copy and subsequent follow-up messages. For example, the tone of their words would be friendly, informal and personable, using personal pronouns as much as possible. You get the feeling they are talking to you as if you have known each other for decades. So their emails would contain your first name rather than 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Madam'.

Another way successful internet marketers like Jamie Lewis befriend you is by identifying with you in the problems or issues you might be facing. If you are reading a website about improving your golf swing, the marketer might tell you how terrible his own swing was not too long ago. He speaks as though he were you! Or supposing you are reading a website about internet marketing, the marketer (Jamie Lewis) may well tell you that he is very fed-up with all those gurus who mislead newbies like you and that he knows how you feel because he was once misled also.

Bear in mind that at times the words you read are actually ghost-written. Obviously no one internet marketer can be experienced or knowledgeable in so many fields (niches). That's why all marketers use pen names at times. This way, they assume different identities according to the different niches they market to. All these methods are not wrong, as long as the marketer delivers useful content in a sincere, non-manipulative and respectful way in all his correspondences with you.

So be aware of what the marketers are trying to do. There are times you might need to take their words with a pinch of salt. This leads to the second principle.

2. Engagement

A good novelist always starts by setting the scene of the story. He gives you the big picture first before thickening the plot and going into details. The successful internet marketer is no different, except that the marketer does not have the luxury of wasting words. He knows he only has 5 seconds to engage with you otherwise you would move on to another website at the click of your mouse.

So the first step that every internet marketer like Jamie Lewis makes in engaging with you is to write an attention-grabbing headline. Headlines using the words, "How to....", "Discover the ways to...." or "Who else wants to know the...." are very effective in engaging with you because it arouses your curiosity. By doing so, the marketer quickly tells you what's in it for you. All this is well and good but you must be careful of one thing.

Be careful to analyze the claims of the marketer. They must fulfill two criteria. It must be believable (not just hype) and it must be fair (minimum or no risk for you). Successful marketers make their claims believable and fair through various means. For example, they use testimonies of people who have benefited from their products in the past. They may also show you statistics of their own records (such as their income) or 'before and after' photos of themselves. To make their offer fair to you, most marketers give a money back guarantee or include lots of bonuses with their main product.

3. Action

Everything the marketer has written thus far is geared towards getting you to take action. It would be either to buy the product or give your email address or some other form of action. Successful marketers use two time-tested methods to do so. They are urgency and scarcity (or a combination of the two). The urgency method is by saying that there will be a price increase after a certain time. The scarcity method is by saying there will only be a limited number of units of the product sold. There are modifications and combinations of these two methods.

With all this information, you can see through all the gurus' methods of making you buy their stuff. This will help you be more selective in buying as well as equip you to make your own offers to your prospects as well.