Aaah yes... The man behind the Mask!




The Lone Ranger!

Perhaps Tonto reveals The Lone Rangers lack of self confidence and belief in his ability to work alone, perhaps Tonto is the Lone Rangers REAL mask?

Not too sure about the Lone Ranger, but certainly Batman and Spiderman are troubled people when not wearing their masks. Hiding behind their masks... their "super" identity, gives them courage and confidence.

In the management world, Titles and Qualifications and Positions, even Bonuses, become the Mask of the Manager!

Even Superman has his red cape and costume!

Even Superman has his red cape and costume. Ever noticed that as Clarke Kent he is awkward and stupid? It seems he is putting on an act, but really, is that the way he truly feels without the protection of his Superman costume?

The REAL MAN under the suit and tie?

Does Lois Lane represent a Managers family, friends, school-friends, who can see the REAL MAN under the suit and tie? - Only his / her employees can be fooled into thinking the Manager is Superman all of the time, in just the same way that Superman is only Superman to the people he rescues... not to the people who "know him" as Clarke Kent!!?


Managers do wear masks. They need them to hide their insecurities from their employees or fellow managers. However, not all masks make us Supermen, some Masks reveal a Supervillain!

This short post was born in response to a post written by Brigette Hyacinth, whos' posts always open up my mind to other possibilities! Thank you Brigette.

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