Before the advent of the super-intelligent animal (Homo sapiens), this planet really was the Garden of Eden. For millions of years animals of every shape and size had roamed its' deserts, jungles and forests, without causing any undue harm to their own environment.

In fact, before the advent of the Human race, nature had run a pretty well organised eco-system. Yes there were disasters, yes various species became extinct and made way for new species, but that is just the process of evolution - Nature at work!

Nature dictated which species had had its' day and which one might evolve into a more adaptive more useful cog in the wheel of diversity.

But then, one day, many moons ago, Mother Nature went insane!

Was it boredom? Had the force of nature, through evolution, become the first thinking, creative force to develop deep feelings, longings, desires, needs and wants?

Did Mother Nature, this creative, organising, structuring and logical force, all alone amongst the stars and surrounded by creatures that just "did their thing" as expected and programmed, day after boring day, finally become self-aware, then go insane with boredom?

Enter The Human-Being!

There are 7.2 billion+ people right now living on planet earth. That is 7.2 billion bio-computers clicking away every minute of every day, solving problems, experiencing emotions, creating problems, becoming smarter (apparently) through various colleges and universities of education. But it seems absolutely incredible to me that there can be so many Super-bio-Computers whirring away on this tiny planet and yet this tiny planet is in such a mess?

Perhaps intelligence is a bad thing?

Think about it! If we were more like our close cousins the Chimp, we would be happily swinging in, or maybe walking around, a fabulous forest, or jungle, filled with everything we could desire, because everything we would desire would be, food, somewhere to sleep and a mate.

It is our uncontrolled and totally disorganised (insane) intelligence that is the cause of global distruction, over-population, hunger, war, polution etc.

Lex Luthor:
"Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe."

We like to think of ourselves as being an intelligent species, but in truth, most of the intelligence that is responsible for most of the advances of Human kind, is the result of just a very few intelligent individuals, thinking originally.

How originally can you think?

When was the last time you came up with an idea that could change or advance the course of human destiny?

So, going back to my "insane mother nature" theory. Why, after millions of years of nurturing a wide variety of species that fit perfectly within their surroundings, would she (Mother Nature) plant the seed of a species so potentially intelligent, yet so self destructive, unless she had gone insane?

Just imagine what our species could be capable of, had it not been thrown together by a lunatic?

Our species that can build, fly and land unmanned craft on distant worlds, our species that has walked upon the moon, our species that can immitate other species in the air, on the land and under the sea, our species that can conquer, predict and control (up to a point) the very force of nature that gave birth to it!

Just imagine the fabulous potential of our species, if it had been put together with a little more thought, a little more organisation, a little more self control, a little more sanity!

And just look at our world today. While one half of it suffers from hunger, or war, or disease, or all three, the other half lives in gluttonous peace and tranqulity!

It is a fact that we grow more than enough food to easily feed every person on the planet, but while millions of people go hungry, or starve to death, in the West we destroy millions of tons of perfectly good unused and unsold food every year. Is that intelligent, or insane?

Yes, the only explanation for a species such as ours is that somewhere around three million years ago, poor old mother nature flipped her lid and went totally bonkers!

I sincerely hope that one day, maybe in a thousand years, we will put our potentially great minds together and use our intelligence to heal the damage we have done to this planet and use our creativity, to the benefit of every species in this beautiful world,

Today there are very few species in this world that benefit from our presence and three of them are, the Dog, the Rat and the Cockroach!

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