Thursday, 26 February 2015

Is Human Intelligence a Bad Thing?

Is Human Intelligence a Bad Thing?

Is Human Intelligence a Bad Thing?

Before the advent of the super-intelligent animal (Homo sapiens), this planet really was the Garden of Eden. For millions of years animals of every shape and size had roamed its' deserts, jungles and forests, without causing any undue harm to their own environment.

In fact, before the advent of the Human race, nature had run a pretty well organised eco-system. Yes there were disasters, yes various species became extinct and made way for new species, but that is just the process of evolution - Nature at work!

Nature dictated which species had had its' day and which one might evolve into a more adaptive more useful cog in the wheel of diversity.

But then, one day, many moons ago, Mother Nature went insane!

Was it boredom? Had the force of nature, through evolution, become the first thinking, creative force to develop deep feelings, longings, desires, needs and wants?

Did Mother Nature, this creative, organising, structuring and logical force, all alone amongst the stars and surrounded by creatures that just "did their thing" as expected and programmed, day after boring day, finally become self-aware, then go insane with boredom?

Enter The Human-Being!

There are 7.2 billion+ people right now living on planet earth. That is 7.2 billion bio-computers clicking away every minute of every day, solving problems, experiencing emotions, creating problems, becoming smarter (apparently) through various colleges and universities of education. But it seems absolutely incredible to me that there can be so many Super-bio-Computers whirring away on this tiny planet and yet this tiny planet is in such a mess?

Perhaps intelligence is a bad thing?

Think about it! If we were more like our close cousins the Chimp, we would be happily swinging in, or maybe walking around, a fabulous forest, or jungle, filled with everything we could desire, because everything we would desire would be, food, somewhere to sleep and a mate.

It is our uncontrolled and totally disorganised (insane) intelligence that is the cause of global distruction, over-population, hunger, war, polution etc.

Lex Luthor:
"Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe."

We like to think of ourselves as being an intelligent species, but in truth, most of the intelligence that is responsible for most of the advances of Human kind, is the result of just a very few intelligent individuals, thinking originally.

How originally can you think?

When was the last time you came up with an idea that could change or advance the course of human destiny?

So, going back to my "insane mother nature" theory. Why, after millions of years of nurturing a wide variety of species that fit perfectly within their surroundings, would she (Mother Nature) plant the seed of a species so potentially intelligent, yet so self destructive, unless she had gone insane?

Just imagine what our species could be capable of, had it not been thrown together by a lunatic?

Our species that can build, fly and land unmanned craft on distant worlds, our species that has walked upon the moon, our species that can immitate other species in the air, on the land and under the sea, our species that can conquer, predict and control (up to a point) the very force of nature that gave birth to it!

Just imagine the fabulous potential of our species, if it had been put together with a little more thought, a little more organisation, a little more self control, a little more sanity!

And just look at our world today. While one half of it suffers from hunger, or war, or disease, or all three, the other half lives in gluttonous peace and tranqulity!

It is a fact that we grow more than enough food to easily feed every person on the planet, but while millions of people go hungry, or starve to death, in the West we destroy millions of tons of perfectly good unused and unsold food every year. Is that intelligent, or insane?

Yes, the only explanation for a species such as ours is that somewhere around three million years ago, poor old mother nature flipped her lid and went totally bonkers!

I sincerely hope that one day, maybe in a thousand years, we will put our potentially great minds together and use our intelligence to heal the damage we have done to this planet and use our creativity, to the benefit of every species in this beautiful world,

Today there are very few species in this world that benefit from our presence and three of them are, the Dog, the Rat and the Cockroach!

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Black Friday

 Black Friday

I love the old saying "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" because that is the way so many of us, in fact all of us at various times, live our lives. 

Once we have grabbed something we previously desired above all else, we then set our sights on some other vision of loveliness... and so on... and so on. But rarely, if ever, stop to enjoy and fully appreciate those things... and people... we have already "Grabbed"! 

Life becomes one big "Black Friday" where we rush in and grab at everything on sale as if it will not still be there tomorrow and tomorrow, those things we grabbed today are shelved and unappreciated because we got them so cheaply. 

Everything has value, but for some of us that value is for a fleeting moment... not for life... and in those fleeting moments we miss the "beauty" of the moment!

By Tony Cordingley

Thursday, 19 February 2015

恭禧發財 - Gong Xi Fa Cai - Gong Hey Fat Choy

恭禧發財 - Gong Xi Fa Cai - Gong Hey Fat Choy

Tony Cordingley - (LION 9800+)

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Best wishes and a very Happy New Year to every person of Chinese origin around the world, but especially here in the UK!

It should be said, at this time of general election in the UK, when the question of immigration is causing such a stir in some parts of the media, that many of the arguments about immigration occur when certain immigrant groups draw undue attention to themselves, or are highlighted by the media to create sensationalist headlines.

In my 57+ years in this country, as an Englishman with English ancestry (as far as I know!?) I have never seen or heard any bad news about the Chinese population of our tiny island. I am sure the chinese population must have bad members of its' community who cause or get into trouble, just like any normal community, but it never makes the headline news.

As a child growing up, I saw the gradual increase of the Chinese through the introduction of Chinese Chippy's (fish and chip shops) all around Manchester where I lived. 

Racial Abuse

As a teenager and young adult getting into the social life of pubs and clubs late in the evenings, I would often frequent some of these chippy's and I'm sorry to say, witnessed a lot of racial abuse from drunks towards the chinese people serving the food. I may well have joined in some of the drunken humour from time to time, not really realising, in my drunken state, how insulting and upsetting some of that tasteless humour would have been to those very decent hard working people behind the counter. 

Chinese people kept their cool

Despite all of this, the Chinese people kept their cool. They added their colourful culture to our culture, quietly, patiently and very respectfully. 

Riots - Demonstrations!

I can't recall seeing any news items about the Chinese causing riots because of their treatment and using that as an excuse to raid and destroy shops to get a free television or toaster!   

Anti-Social Behaviour

In fact I can't recall any news items about the Chinese community causing, or joining in with, any anti-social or anti-anything demonstrations? Perhaps there have been some... I'm just not aware of them! 

Respect, Patience and Civility

Maybe I have just been ignoring the news for the last 57+ years... or maybe and more likely, the Chinese community is quietly showing us all how to behave in a civilised way, despite being laughed at or ridiculed by brainless drunks staggering home late at night, the Chinese people I have come into contact with have always shown respect, patience and civility. 

Turbulent Youth

So, speaking as someone who may have behaved in a less civilised manner during my turbulent youth growing up in the streets of Manchester, I would just like to take this special Chinese time of year to apoligise for my own behaviour, but mostly to thank the Chinese population of Great Britain for their kindness, their humour, their integrity, their respectful manner, their patience and civility and not least for some excellent Fish and Chips over many many years!

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year! 


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Wednesday, 18 February 2015



Happy Chinese New Year! 


Keiser Report: Puny Tax Evasion - #britishlivesdontmatter

Keiser Report: Puny Tax Evasion - #britishlivesdontmatter

Published on 17 Feb 2015
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how when the going gets tough, the bureaucrats start lying. They also discuss HSBC’s full page apology for the very least of their crimes - which is their role in the puny tax evasion, a crime much smaller than Libor rigging, forex market manipulation and money laundering for the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of about the Carney effect on the Canadian dollar and the property bubbles in Canada and the UK.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Two-tier Justice System

Two-tier Justice System

By Tony Cordingley
Here in the UK we live under a "Two-tier justice system" whereby those on the top e.g. Bankers, politicians etc, can and do constantly break, not only every legal law this country has, but every "Moral" law we have, with little or no punishment!

We often see news items about "benefit scroungers" getting away with paying their fair share of tax, or robbing the system of extra benefits through fraudulent claims, especially leading up to general election time, because our glorious leaders want us to see they are keeping a very tight grip on the finances of this country! 

Raiding the houses of the unemployed is a BIG news item. Riot police covered head to toe in Star-Wars type imperial trooper armour, bashing down some scroungers front door, dragging them out of bed and making a great deal of noise about it in order to shame these low-life scrounging benefit fraudsters in front of their neighbours and friends, is considered great educational entertainment for the lower classes!

However, how often have you seen these same Star-Wars Storm Troopers banging down the doors of any "upper class" or "political class" or "banking class" people, because they "might have" ripped-off the system to the tune of BILLIONS of pounds?

Answer = 0

In fact what you might see, if you ever see it at all, is a very "dignified" appearance at court, where these people will employ the very best lawyers (using their stolen riches) to beat the system and walk away, maybe with a slapped wrist or a fine, which no doubt, will be paid off with the interest payments from their stolen fortunes... or bank bonuses!

Never will you see on the news, a posse of Police storm troopers, banging down the draw-bridge to some great Lords estate or high street bank!

If you are a low-life working class scum-bag, you can expect to be dragged over the cobbles for being "suspected" of fraudulently claiming a few pounds more than you are considered entitled to. But if you are a Banker, or a Lord, or a Politician, you will receive a nice letter from the Police commissioner, inviting you to have tea and biscuits "discreetly" at the local station to discuss the matter like Ladies or Gentlemen and come to some agreement.

Many politicians have tried telling us that "The Class System" no longer exists in this country... but just wait and see what happens if you don't pay your council tax, or if you mistakenly receive a pound or two too much the next time you are on benefits... that is of course unless you are a Lord, or Lady, or a Banker (especially a banker) or a Politician, in which case, you will have nothing to worry about! Will you?   

I should add as a final note to this post, that not all Bankers, Politicians, Lords or Ladies, are potential fraudsters. Some Bankers, Politicians, Lords or Ladies, perhaps most of them, do very important, difficult and valuable work. Also, not everyone who draws benefits for financial assistance is a  "low-life scrounging benefit fraudster". There have been times after being made redundant, when I have needed to depend on this countries generous welfare benefits system. 

I was raised by a large working-class family in a very working class area of Greater Manchester in the UK. We had the essentials... food... clothes... a once per year holiday in a caravan in Towyn, north Wales, in September, the cheapest time of year!

But what I remember most of my childhood is this; Although those in my family still in school were entitled to "free school meals" my parents never claimed for that benefit, or any other benefit they may have been "entitled to", which today may seem like madness!?

Also, though we were never forbidden from going around with the other kids on Bonfire night, knocking on doors and saying "penny for the guy", I never did, because I had heard my parents saying that such behaviour was like "Begging", though today it may be considered to be somewhat entrepreneurial by most parents. #BestAdvice.

Basically I was brought up with a very working class sense of right and wrong. Bankers, Politicians, Lords and Ladies etc, occupy a very privileged position in society and with that privilege should come responsibility and answerability. 

I believe we need a strong government that is not too weak to bring EVERYONE to justice if they break the laws of this land... no matter how low or important that person or persons may be. No one person or corporation should be considered "Too Big to Fail"!

If you ever want to know the truth about what is happening in the UK, you really need to watch the "Keiser Report" on Many thanks to Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert for covering the news
that the BBC and other broadcasters choose not to.

Keiser Report: Plague of Benefit Cheats (E719) (ft. George Galloway)

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Friday, 6 February 2015



Lips Deceive You!!!!!

Never Trust Lips!

Lips tell lies...

Lips kiss and tell...

Lips deceive you...

Lips lead you astray...

Lips spread germs...

Lips can be destructive!

Love Lips?

BUT Lips...

Lips can be beautiful, lips can can bring comfort to a troubled soul and a defeated spirit. Lips can whisper words of love, share caring words, create emotions with beautiful soft embraces. The warmth of a pair of lips upon your lips can change your world... unleash a thousand feelings... wash away a lifetime of worriers. Lips... the soft warm feeling of a pair of lips can make a man feel like a King or a woman a Goddess!

Never underestimate the Power of your Lips!!!