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It's time to be more interesting - Dan Travis

Dan Travis

Dan Travis

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It's time to be more interesting

The approach seems to be, all content and no optimisation or all optimisation and no content

The problem with creating content for the internet is twofold. First it has to be interesting and second it has to be seen. If you have invested money in SEO then it is more than likely that you have gone for visibility over content. I hear time and time again that business owners have invested a lot of money in SEO and nothing happened. There is a reason for this. A higher google ranking on search does not guarantee you an audience that is going to engage with you. At best, it will give you an edge over your competitors locally. Most businesses have a go with SEO and appear in the local search results. Competing at a local level may give you a more prominent listing and may mean it is more likely that you will be clicked on and contacted by a searcher. The problem is, it is really hard to stand out and be interesting and start relationships by using SEO because everyone else is doing it.
The problem with SEO companies is that what they are charging for is producing an increasingly smaller return (not necessarily becoming more expensive). In many cases, what they claim to be doing for your business (ie making your website more prominent for certain keyword searches) would have happened anyway, had the SEO company done nothing and not been employed.

Ask yourself "Would you rather appear as interesting or near the top of a list?

The opposite problem to just focusing on SEO instead of content is having interesting content that no-one sees. You may have written a great blog piece yet no-one saw it, commented on it or shared it with their network. Over 80% of LinkedIn blog posts that are produced have views of less than 100 views. All that work, knowledge and experience and nobody saw it. That would seem to be more of a waste than spending money on SEO.

You need an approach that combines optimisation and the production of relevant, interesting and engaging material.

I've tried all of the strategies from SEO, Google and Facebook ads, email campaigns and blogging with varying degrees of success. If you want to build a new audience, be it new clients or a reputation within your industry 'Accelerated blogging' is by far the best way of achieving this (by quite some margin). 'Accelerated blogging' combines optimisation with high quality, engaging content. The challenge is to produce interesting work quickly, frequently and publicly. You need to do this using the LinkedIn post system (the one you are reading now). Incorporated into my approach is the use of Amazon Kindle with LinkedIn. This is far more powerful than old style SEO.

X2 questions that I am frequently asked about accelerated blogging...

"Isn't LinkedIn just a business platform and not the best place to get new clients?"
With the introduction of the LinkedIn post system in January 2014, you now have the opportunity to present your work in front of your professional clients and potential new clients. Both of these groups are on LinkedIn. We have used the Accelerated Blogging programme to bring in enquiries to client's business directly from LinkedIn. Please see the examples below of two posts that led directly to new client enquiries from LinkedIn.

"Won't everybody start blogging in this way?"
Yes but 90% will not be able to optimise properly and give up. You need to start very soon (within the next month) and establish yourself on LinkedIn. Once you have a couple of posts behind you it is much easier to maintain your position as a leading voice in your position (most give up after the first post when it does not perform very well).
If you want to become part of the 'Accelerated Blogging Programme' please reply to me on LinkedIn or look at one of the following options:

Accelerated Blogging Programme for Cosmetic surgeons
Accelerated Blogging for Clinic and Salon Owners

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