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The best of George Galloway vs the Mainstream Media

The best of George Galloway vs the Mainstream Media

Published on 7 Sep 2013

Make of him what you will but you can not argue that George Galloway is exceptionally good at winning debates whenever he is confronted :) These clips were chosen in particular as favourites, but this video could have been made three hours longer.

Why should UK give foreign aid to places like India? part1/2

Why should UK give foreign aid to places like India?

Uploaded on 4 Feb 2012 Part 1 of 2: 

Why should the British taxpayers give their money to so called poor countries like India who have a space race, nuclear weapons, and worlds most expensive ID card system being rolled out? 

Recorded from BBC Question Time, 02 February 2012.

Why should UK give foreign aid to places like India? part2/2

'Bizarre': UK treasury finds fresh billion to throw into foreign aid?

UK treasury finds fresh billion to throw into foreign aid?

Published on 15 Dec 2013 

With Britain improving its economic growth, these days there's money in the bank, - and now there are plans to spend more of it on foreign aid. But as RT's Laura Smith reports, the motion's puzzling some, who believe the funds would better be spent on the needs of the country's taxpayers.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage, Europe debate 1 / 2

Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage, Europe debate 1 (26 Mar14)

Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage, Europe debate 2 (02Apr14)

Nigel Farage 'This is why you should vote UKIP!'

My personal opinion!

I am undecided about which way to vote at the next election! I will be honest and tell you that "traditionally" I have previously voted "Labour".

However, Gordon Bloody Brown, completely changed my opinions about THAT party! First of all there was his ridiculous announcement when he was Chancellor of the exchequer, that there would be "an end to boom and bust"

That was the most ridiculously outrageous statement that anyone could ever make! Why? Because we exist in a "Capitalist" based economy, where "Boom and Bust" are part of the natural cycle. You can not avoid boom and bust, but through proper financial management, you might be able to lessen the effects of a bust, when it happens. Most amusing though, that since his amazing announcement, we have experienced the BIGGEST BUST in living memory!

I would also like to say, that my reasons for previously voting Labour, were in fact very traditional. In other words, I voted Labour because I was brought up to believe that Labour were "the party of the working classes".

That is no longer true! Labour no longer supports trade unions, Labour no longer supports "jobs for the British worker" and people like Gordon Bloody Brown, look down on the working classes of this country and call them (us) Racists, just for asking perfectly reasonable questions about immigration policies!

People like Gordon Brown and Edward Miliband, are career politicians. They don't join a party like the "Labour Party" to support working class people...or any other class of people. No, they go to college, they study politics as a career possibility, then they join the party which offers the best chance of career development.   

As I said earlier, I am not sure who to vote for at the next general election here in the UK. But I can tell you this for certain.....IT WILL NOT BE - LABOUR!!!!

 Gordon Brown declares end of boom and bust


St. Georges Day 23rd April - Be Proud To Be English!!

Be Proud To Be English

Wear The English Flag On St. Georges Day 23rd April!!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to Use Traffic Exchanges To Build Your Down-line

Traffic Exchange Basics

How to Use Traffic Exchanges To Build Your Down-line

A manual traffic exchange is a membership web site that allows you to view web pages selected by other members and allows other members to view web pages you select. In other words, a traffic exchange allows members to exchange traffic between their sites.

You can sign up as a free traffic exchange member or as a paid member with a monthly subscription. Once you sign up, you will have the opportunity to provide the URLs for several web pages of your choosing. You may also be able to include banner ads and text ads.

As you might imagine, your goal in joining a traffic exchange is to promote your URLs by having other members view them. You earn credits to have your pages displayed when you view other members' pages. Free members normally must view more pages to earn a credit than paid members. You'll typically view each page while a timer counts down, usually from 10 to 30 seconds, before you can move on to the next page.

You can also purchase credits or receive a monthly allocation of credits as a paid member. But, the most economical way to receive credits as a beginner is to earn them by surfing.

To earn credits as quickly as possible, you may want to surf traffic exchanges by opening up multiple tabs in your browser. You'll view a different traffic exchange in each tab. So, immediately after clicking to the next page in one traffic exchange you'll move to the next tab and click to the next page on that exchange. In this way you are not waiting for any timer to count down, but are earning credits on multiple traffic exchanges as quickly as possible.

Because most other members also use tabbed browsing, your page has only a second or two to capture their attention. Your page's headline must immediately interest them and distract them from clicking to the next page.

And because most members are clicking almost mechanically to get to the next page, they will need to see your page several times before they decide to do more than glance at your headline. This means you will need lots of credits to successfully promote your URLs.

These facts have a profound effect on your ability to make money using traffic exchanges. To make a significant amount of money from traffic exchanges there are two things you must do.

Build a Downline

First, you must build a downline. That is, you must encourage other people to join a traffic exchange from your promotional link to that exchange. This is important because most traffic exchanges give you credits that allow your pages to be displayed when members of your down-line surf. You may receive credits worth 10% or 20% of the credits earned by the surfing of your down line.

A large down_line adds significant credits to your account and allows your pages to be displayed frequently. It gives you tremendous power to promote money making opportunities on the traffic exchanges. This is why building a downline should be your first priority.

You can build a downline in two ways. One way is to cross promote. That is, you use a splash page from traffic exchange "A" on traffic exchange "B" and visa versa. So, when someone surfs traffic exchange "B" and joins traffic exchange "A" from your splash page, you've added to your downline on exchange "A".

The second way to build a downline is to make use of a traffic building resource like TrafficHoopla tracks the performance of traffic exchanges and ranks them in order of effectiveness.

You can join TrafficHoopla and the traffic exchanges they monitor. After joining each exchange you can add your program ID for each exchange to TrafficHoopla's database.

Then, when you advertise TrafficHoopla, the links to the various exchanges will contain your program IDs. When someone joins the traffic exchanges via your TrafficHoopla link, you'll gain a downline in each of those traffic exchanges.

So, by advertising only TrafficHoopla you can gain a large downline in a number traffic exchanges. This is a very powerful technique for building a downline on the traffic exchanges.

Build a List

The second thing you need to do as you build your downline is to build an opt-in list. Building a list is one of the primary uses of traffic exchanges. A quarter of the web pages in a traffic exchange ask for your email address while another 38% of the pages will ask for your email address when you click to a second page.

An opt-in list allows you to send out newsletters that cover a topic of interest to your list members. As you cover topics relevant to your list members you'll build credibility with them. Your list members will then be more likely to investigate the products you recommend in your newsletter. And, when you recommend your own products or affiliate products you'll make money when your list members make a purchase.

You've probably heard that "the money is in the list." When you have a large list you'll be able to make money every time you send out a newsletter. The larger your list, the more money you'll be able to make.

So, remember that the most effective use of your time while starting out with traffic exchanges is first to build a large downline and second to build a list. Doing these things will put you head and shoulders above the average traffic exchange member. 

However, as a final point, there is a much easier and quicker way to getting traffic from "traffic exchanges" than sitting at your computer clicking links all day! 

What is it?

"Traffic Co-ops" - Traffic co-ops are great, because your link gets added to all the best traffic exchanges while you sit back and relax! Can be very cost effective because remember, time is

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